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Mission Statement

Youngstown Works is an inclusive resource that will put YOU to work. We help City of Youngstown residents find the local organizations that fit your needs and help you develop a plan. We are a consortium of nonprofits, governmental agencies, and businesses that want you to succeed. Our consortium is committed to your future.

 Who We Serve

Youngstown Works provides resources for any City of Youngstown resident who is able and wants to work. We are here to help! Let us be your source for information, direction and assistance to achieve your goals.


Working with the City of Youngstown 2021 Community Development Block Grant, early organizers recognized that one of the most urgent needs in the community remains workforce development. 

Many separate organizations exist in the workforce development area, but often there is a duplication of services and a lack of shared vision and collaboration. By bringing together all these organizations in a collaborative effort, Youngstown Works is dedicated to the client’s success. 

Youngstown Works provides city residents who are seeking educational, training or employment opportunities with all the resources they need in a single website. No matter who you are, there is an organization that will help you find direction and solve indecision by providing simplified information

Organizing Committee

Who we are
  • Cyndy Bresnahan Business Services Manager, OhioMeansJobs/ Business Resource Network
  • Gerri Jenkins Executive Director, MyPath Mahoning Valley
  • Judith Jones – Career Development Facilitator, Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County
  • Karen Kennedy – Manager, Professional Development Center, Flying High Inc.
  • Pat Kerrigan – Director, The Oak Hill Collaborative
  • Melissa Maiorano – Director, Workforce Development, Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber
  • Dionne Lacey-DowdyExecutive Director, United Returning Citizens 
  • Amber Rios – Job Developer, Mahoning-Youngstown Community Action Partnership
  • Jiquayla Rushton – Director, Achieve Beyond Your Goals Career Employment, Inc.
  • Julie Michael Smith – Director, Vista AS
Youngstown Works

Vision Statement

The purpose of Youngstown Works is to bring together nonprofit and educational agencies that commit to job development as part of their individual mission and goals.  The groups served by Youngstown Works include graduating high school seniors through college graduates, adults in career transition and those formerly incarcerated adults who wish to re-enter the workforce.  The ultimate goal of Youngstown Works is to improve the economic footprint of the Mahoning Valley by matching job seekers with opportunities to earn self-sustaining and eventually family-sustaining wages and benefits.  We seek to develop a pipeline of extraordinary and determined residents into employment, education and other appropriate ways to improve their overall financial and educational situation.

The primary method to match determined job seekers with employers who seek to hire is in the form of a biannual Hiring Event in conjunction with the Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber and interested sponsors.  Non-sponsors pay a table fee.  Participating employers represent manufacturing, logistics/IT, healthcare and the service industry (outside of fast food). We also seek members of the trades.  We seek to serve both job seekers and employers, so we evaluate each event.  The next step is to determine exactly how many people receive offers for employers or enroll in educational opportunities.